We put heart on it (and remove preservatives)

In other words the essential over the excess, because nothing is more important than doing things the right way and with passion.

Every day, the nature gives us fresh and healthy vegetables, we only add a trickle of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt.

That’s it: simple and genuine recipes! No preservatives and artificial coloring used,  as you would in your own home.

Imagine you go to the market,

look at the seasonal vegetables,

and choose carefully the best of them.


Then you go home and wash them

with care.


Finally you cook them

with patience and dedication.


That’s what we do every day

just like you do!

You can find our ready meals

at the supermarket,

and eat them ,


Bye-bye sandwich for !

lunch break!

Eating healthy does not mean

free from flavour!

So enjoy!

A soup, a side dish or a rice salad?

Bontàviva always offers you a healthy recipe ,

nutritionally balanced and incredibly tasty